Moving On

After more than 12 years working for the same company, I have decided this is the time for me to moving on. It was a very sad day to me, I know most of people on that company close like a family. They help me in my bad days, cheers for me in my good days. So many memories, ups and downs, this is the first place where I build my professional careers also the place where I start my own family.

Alas, the time has come, and I too must say farewell to them all. I have taken a new opportunity to help building a new company. Not going to another similar or competitor company as many may suspected regarding my skill and knowledge in the old company. I have discussed this with my wife, and I thank God she’s as supportive as always. It will be hard for the kids, since I will have less times with them. But it worth the chances, and also it makes me appreciate more the times I have when I’m with my family.

So here I am now, sitting on the corner of a small warehouse for a distribution store at one of the largest gadget trade mall. So many things to do, so many challenges to face. So help me GOD.

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